Training Module


  1. Security job is a specialized profession throughout the world. It is now recognized as an industry. The importance of training to acquire professional competency or specialization cannot be over emphasized. The world has become competitive. Survival of the 'fittest' is the order of the day. Security profession is no exception. Only a self-confident man can meet the challenges of the day and face the practical world with courage and confidence. Training also plays a great part in motivating a person to fulfilling his professional commitment to his employer. The importance of training can therefore, never be over looked or taken lightly.
  2. Keeping in view the importance of training, we have worked out a comprehensive training package for our personnel. The package includes theoretical as well as practical lessons-indoor, outdoor and on the job training (OJT). We take adequate care to develop the physical and mental faculties of our men and sharpen their intelligence level.
  3. We have established full-fledged training schools at Dhaka and Chittagong. Overseen by two Directors, the schools are adequately staffed and organized in keeping with our own requirements of training as well as to train people for our clients if they so desire. In Sylhet the Branch Manager supervises the training and the training centre is collocated with our branch office. We have also been training security personnel for our clients for employment abroad.
  4. We run the following training modules for our personnel:
    1. Basic Training for New intakes.
    2. Refresher Training.
    3. Supervisors'/Inspectors' Training.
    4. Orientation Training.
    5. Officers' Training.
  5. Organisation of ISSL Training teams are as under: