List of Service

  1. Guard Service. We provide unarmed security guards and supervisors for providing security to Banks, Factories, Offices, BTS, Residences, Hotels etc.
  2. VIP/Executive Protection. We have trained personnel in Executive protection. We provide mobile protection to VIPs (unarmed).
  3. Cash in Transit (CIT). We transfer cash and valuables safely in our fabricated CIT vans with armed escort.
  4. Escorting Convoys. This service involves escorting vans/trucks loaded with goods to different locations of the country.
  5. Event Security. ISSL specializes in providing security to various events. This service involves Access Control, Mob control and Physical Security of the venue.
  6. Electronic Security. We are capable of providing consultancy, planning, provisioning and maintenance of all sorts of electronic security equipment.
  7. Auxiliary Service. We provide Junior Officers, Peons, Tea Boys, Messengers and Cleaners to banks and other clients.
  8. Background Check. We do background check,PEV,Insurance Claim etc for our local,Multinational and foreign clients.
  9. Security Survey. We also specialize in conducting security survey of different installations.
  10. Supply of Radio Communication Equipment. We have a license from BTRC and we import and supply various types Radio Communication Equipment.
  11. Training. We organize training for groups of security personnel who go abroad for employment. Syllabus and the types of such training is decided in consultation with the employer.