Before deployment to special installation like factories, warehouse, hotels etc we organize one weeks orientation training for security guards and supervisors. The aim is to orient and appraise the guards with special duties respective to installation.

Following are included in the Orientation Training:

  • Duties special to Installation i.e. Hotels, Hospitals, KPIs etc.
  • Orientation with HSE Policy of ISSL and Client.
  • Specific Guard Orders (Post Orders)
  • Security of Personnel.
  • Security of Material.
  • Security of Premise.
  • Security Checking.
  • Monitoring and Access Control.
  • Reporting Procedure of Incidents.
  • Fire Fighting.
  • Bomb Threat & Countermeasures.
  • First Aid.
  • Manners and Etiquette.
  • English Language Training.
  • cies. Managing Emergen
  • Evacuation.
  • Waste Management.