Growth & Future

ISSL has a long listed corporate clients starting from local to multinational banks,multinational companies,media,telecommunication sector and so on.At the moment,we are very proud to disclose that we are rendering services to 11 banks (250 branches), which include world-renowned banking group like Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. As of today over 300 multinational companies have availed our services.

We have also introduced cash carrying operations for our clients specially the banks and multinational companies in our fabricated vehicles with armed guard and centrally controlled mobile communication network.We also provide electronic security - consultancy, planning, provisioning and maintenance of electronic equipment.we specialize in event management security and safety with more than 17 years of experience.We also verify the background of clients for banks,leasing companies etc, and office staffs for other multinational and local private organizations. We have three layers of supervision system controlled by the central monitoring system with a network of wireless sets,mobile phones,pagers,land phones etc. We have the control operating 24 hours with stand by reverse force on wheels to cater to any unforeseen situation.Besides we have day-night mobile supervision and client service system through specially trained security officers,area inspections and post supervisors. We maintain regular liaison with the employer to get direct feedback and improve the quality of our service and that represents our motto "Professionals at work" and our slogan "Big or small,we protect them all"