Refresher Training

Every six months we organize one-week refreshers training for Guards and Supervisors. The aim is to revive the forgotten lessons and appraise the guards with ideas/developments in the field of security.

Following are included in the refreshers training:

  • Security Guards Operation Tactics.
  • Current Security Threats.
  • HSE Policy.
  • Security Guard Duties.
  • General Guard Orders.
  • Security of Personnel.
  • Security of Material.
  • Security of Premise.
  • Security Checking.
  • Monitoring and Access Control.
  • Duties during Cash Carrying.
  • Maintenance of Registers.
  • Maintenance of Duty Roaster.
  • Reporting Procedures of Incidents.
  • Fire Fighting.
  • Bomb Threat and Countermeasures.
  • First Aid.
  • Duties Special to installation i.e. Factories, Warehouse, Mills, Offices, etc.
  • Duties Special to Banks and sensitive organizations.
  • Manners and etiquette.
  • English Language Training.
  • Dos and Donts.