Safety Audit Programme

  1. Scope of Safety Audit.  
    1. Take account of HSE related incidents.
    2. Create awareness among personnel regarding HSE.
    3. Evaluate HSE related incidents.
    4. Formulate and update HSE policies.
    5. Recommend measures against HSE incidents.
    6. Help community around workstation to understand commitments of the company to the environment.
    7. Create mass awareness regarding HSE.
  2. We are committed to maintaining a friendly and pollution free environment around our workstations according to the above scope through our audit programme given below:

  3. Safety Audit Programme:
    1. Monthly Safety Audit Programme (Local Zonal/ Area Audit)
    2. Periodic Safety Audit Programme (Local Branch Audit)
    3. Annual Safety Audit Programme (Central Audit).
  4. Monthly Safety Audit Programme.  It is carried out within specific zones/areas for the dependent security posts providing security coverage to the clients within a particular Zone/Area. Audit reports are compiled and sent to respective branch HQ. Branch HQ of ISSL evaluates audit reports and appropriate safety instructions/measures are issued. Audit team is composed as under:

    a. Monthly Audit Team
    1. Team Leader : Security Officer/Inspector in-charge of the respective zones.
    2 Members : 2X Supervisors.

  5. Periodic Audit Programme. It is carried out by Branch audit team from Branch HQ for all deployed posts within the specific branch i. e. Chittagong Branch, Sylhet Branch, Khulna Branch, Bogra Branch, Comilla Branch and Dhaka Branch etc. Audit reports are sent to HQ, ISSL Dhaka for evaluation and up-gradation of safety policy if required. Audit team is composed as under:

    a. Audit Team
    1. Team Leader : Manager of the Respective Branch.
    2 Members : Area Security Officer
    1 X Central Inspector of Branch HQ.
    1 X Central Supervisor of Branch HQ.

  6. Annual Safety Audit. It is carried out once in a year by a team of HQ. ISSL Dhaka for all its Branches. Audit team is composed as under:

    a. Audit Team
    1. Team Leader : Senior Deputy General Manager, ISSL, HQ.
    2 Members : Manager (Operation)/ Officer In-charge of
    respective branches.
    1 x Security Officer
    1 x Inspector from HQ ISSL
    1 x Supervisor from HQ ISSL